Among the other bits and pieces of my life that I’m trying to pick up again (I sat for a while and knitted today), I’m reopening my Windows machine and trying to get a fresh start on my programming side project.

This meant not only 26 Windows Updates but also Visual Studio 2013 Update 5. You can tell I’ve been using just my Mac for a while. Shopping, mostly. I’m still trying to get my novel-writing back up to speed.

What is the point of programming all day and then coming home and coding again at night. Well, I’ll confess that sometimes I don’t really code at all during the day, for reasons ranging to an absurd amount of outside appointments to database cleanup. It is, after all, database cleanup season, didn’t you know?

The real point is to have a chance to program sideways from how I normally do. I have a very established set of patterns that I use at work and I would like to hone my brain against something outside that box, where I’m free to roam or dally and do more than just the swiftest thing possible, reusing the identical technologies. It’s like a short-order cook settling down on his or her off-time to slowly and methodically cook something complicated from Julia Child, savoring the whole thing.

And so here I am waiting in “grey bar land, “although the bars aren’t technically grey anymore–fashion is so fickle.

Oh, great. Now I need to restart.