In my WordPress admin, the metadata for my “About” page implies that I started this blog seven years ago. I wrote a couple of posts and stopped. The blog was meant as a way to keep in touch with my family, who moved from our longtime home in Seattle to the Phoenix area. I couldn’t get them to read it and so now I just write them a card every Sunday and drop it in the postbox on my way to work on Monday. Problem solved.

Since then, I’ve been busy. My young daughter (whose infancy coincided with the original incarnation of the blog) required a lot of attention. I went back to work when she was a year old, my personal resources were stretched, I had a lot of personal ups and downs and they didn’t seem like things I wanted to publish or even tell my mother. So the blog died.

I have no shame in rebooting the blog (look at how the movie industry is trending right now: the reboot is so fashionable). I rebooted it several months ago, but life got in the way and I got out of the rhythm of my life, which is a delicate balance anyway.

Then, still out of balance in late May, I literally lost my balance, fell while trying to plug a laptop in and dislocated my right shoulder. It takes a minute to pop it back in, but six to twelve months to truly heal. Foremost, I lost the ability to merely care for myself: from getting in and out of my clothes to getting anything to eat to driving. Sadly, I lost my ability to type for several weeks (it still hurts unless my arm is supported properly) and I became

If you happen to come along and find it, you’re welcome to it. If you find something you like or that amuses you or that you find achingly familiar, then I’m happy that I’ve written something that has connected with you. I will try to categorize well, keeping my family stuff from my work stuff from my novel writing stuff. If you don’t like it, don’t worry: not everyone likes the same things, and that’s okay.